Here you will find the current (yet very old..) ShareWare-Versions of our Games

All games can be played up to a certain level. Beyond that point you will need a registration number which is issued by TOM Productions only.

Registration is done according to a user-name, so the registration is hardware-independant (in opposite to the old registration up to 1993).

All games are running under DOS and have support for standard VGA Graphic-Cards and SoundBlaster compatible Sound-Cards.

Running them unter Windows, Windows9x, WindowsME or Windows2000 should be possible too, but it is depending on the installed Sound-Card, if you hear MIDI Sounds too.
Except for FlipOut the Games are running unter WindowsNT too, but without sound.

The new Windows-Version will run on Windows95 and up and bring back the vintage Sound to the new Platform. You will need at least a Pentium 200-400MHz for smooth Gameplay.
The Emulators will start in German Language per Default. You can change the Language using the Commandline-Parameter E when you start it. Just create a Shortcut of the Exe, Open the Properties and add a Blank and the E after the Application's Filename.

Robot Junior Install German (161kB)
Robot I Install German (244 kB)
Robot II Install German (293 kB)
Robot III Install German (355 kB)
Robot IV Install German (374 kB)
Alle Episoden Install German (1.35 MB)

PC-Bakterien Install German (680 kB)
Install English (677 kB)
Emulator for Windows (166 kB)
First 5 Level free playable

Nicolausi Install German (351 kB)
Install English (349 kB)
Emulator for Windows (161 kB)
First 3 Level free playable

FlipOut Install German/English (1.9 MB)
First 4 Level free playable