HiRes SVGA BreakOut Game

[FlipOut] Screendump of FlipOut
(original res.: 640x480, 32k colors)

Protective safety glasses are recommended for this game. Your screen was probably never that colorful. When asked, what FlipOut is all about, one of the games inventors simply answered:

"Don't ask, just play!".

But we can tell you that a colorful ball is captured in a phantastic dreamworld. Each of these fifteen levels must be vacant from strange obstacles called "Geomex" before the next level can be reached.

Minimum Hardware: 368DX 40 MHz, SVGA video card (min. res: 640x480, 256 colors)

Recommended: 486, Local-/PCI-Bus VESA video-card, AdLib/SB

Register online at
Flipout Register for EUR 15,-


Download FlipOut, registerable, 4-Level playable, Demo-Version (2MB)