Action in a Microcosm

[PC-Bakterien] a parallax-scrolling VGA-comic game

Your Task In The Game

[Mikky] You adopt the role of Mikky the chief defense microbe, and have to defend a fictious organism against the ever more vicious attack of mean bacteria and hideous viruses. It is a race against time as the intruders multiply rapidly if you don't stop their growth. But you are not alone:

[Helper] Helper cells are hurrying through the organism in their search for the intruders. You have to instruct them which type of bacteria they have to search for, so that they can mark them for another ally of yours:

[Feeder] The Feeder Cells. These sluggish cells are always in search of marked bacteria and will eat these to help you clear the organism of all the bacteria.

[Bakt] Marked Bacteria cannot multiply but must be eaten by the Feeder Cells as soon as possible to avoid your organism from reaching critical condition. Otherwise, you will loose the level.

Both, Helpers and Feeders, are not exactly smart. You have to keep a permanent eye on them, and sometimes block their path with your body or other objects to keep them from straying somewhere else.

Hardware: 386DX, 570kB free RAM, HD, AdLib/SB recommended.

Download PC-Bakterien, registerable, 5-Level playable, Demo-Version (695k)

Optional: Emulator für den Betrieb unter Windows (166 kB)